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Enpoint, LLC is a product company formed in August, 1998 that specializes in the development of robust, low-cost motion characterization equipment for the transportation and communications industries. Enpoint is distinguished by an innovative patent-pending solution with broad application. Enpoint has established relationships with select technology firms and manufacturers to facilitate product development and market formation.


Founders, Robert Pinto and James Kain, have nearly 60 years combined experience with developing and nurturing technology and with fielding complex technical products. Each has gained peer respect for the business acumen and technical vision that motivates people and leads to a focused development. Enpoint has a nucleus team that provides technical and business management and orchestrates the insertion of key technology.

Robert Pinto

Enpoint’s President, has provided 30 years of technical leadership in data communications, signal processing, electromagnetics, and software engineering. He has developed strategic partnerships with commercial firms to gain preferential access to customers, and has assembled teams involving commercial firms, government contractors, federally funded research and development centers, and universities. Mr. Pinto has been responsible for $30 million in direct business revenues and more than $35 million in indirect business over the past 13 years. Mr. Pinto received BS (1968), MS (1971), and EE (1972) degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

James Kain

Enpoint’s co-founder, has provided 30 years of technical leadership in navigation, modern estimation, and system integration. Mr. Kain is the originator of Enpoint’s approach to developing a low cost attitude and heading reference system and has led numerous efforts focused on precision attitude measurement. In 1982, he opened the Fort Walton Beach, FL office for TASC, growing the office to 150 staff and $10M in revenue. He has been technical director for projects in inertial navigation, GPS systems development, weapons testing, automatic target recognition, and 6-DOF simulation. Mr. Kain received an MS (1970) degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Enpoint staff integrates hardware and software systems from facilities in Waltham, MA and Fort Walton Beach, FL. Enpoint has arrangements with various local and international vendors for performing mechanical design and fabrication, specialized electronic module design, FPGA and DSP devleopment, RF communication component development, aircraft flight operations, and PC board manufacture. Enpoint engineering offices in Waltham, MA focuses on algorithm development, software design, and DSP implementation.