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The target markets for Enpoint products coincide with major industry trends. Achieving the sales potential, however, requires the continued development of products meeting stringent price and performance goals. Our current activities focused on developing motion characterization equipment for military broadband systems will be augmented with increasing effort to developing vehicle aiding systems for an emerging market. The period between 2002 through 2007 will witness an expansion of markets and an evolution of products.

Military Mobile Broadband

Military broadband systems are operating today, and represent a significant opportunity. The military market is large and, like the commercial market, is very cost sensitive. Mobile broadband communication supports tactical operations through the delivery of broadband data from sensors such as streaming video and very large contextual imagery. The military has roughly 500,000 personnel carriers, but can only outfit a small percentage as the cost of installing a communications transceiver on a mobile platform for satellite systems such as Milstar can exceed $200,000. Major cost reduction efforts are underway with the intent of reducing system costs by a factor of 10 to 20. Enpoint is currently developing under government contract a low-cost, high performance antenna pointing system meeting military needs. Large sales are possible by working with companies who currently provide the military’s communications systems.

Aviation Systems

General aviation aircraft are increasingly equipped with autopilot systems that use redundant attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS) for flight management, flight display support, and autopilots. The market is ready to adopt low cost systems, such as Enpoint’s product Pinpoint, that offer excellent performance and safety and dramatically reduced costs.

Automotive Systems

The automobile is about to undergo a major architectural shift towards highly modular systems, with significant emphasis by the car and truck manufacturers, component suppliers, and the standards community. Enpoint's products provide a single, compact, low-cost replacement for other devices already used in vehicles. The Enpoint motion characterization system would provide the information needed to improve safety, increase vehicle performance, support telematics functions, and enable the vechicle black box. The US has over 200,000,000 passenger vehicles and over 8,000,000 trucks, with about 10,000,000 passenger vehicles and 400,000 trucks produced on an annual basis. The worldwide total may be several times larger. The opportunity is enormous for the successful suppliers.

Broadband Antenna Installation

The satellite broadband market is breaking out of the doldrums. The end user antennas must point accurately in a working system toward geostationary satellites. Installers expend significant effort to align the antennas using a trial-and-error procedure based on a power reading and a coarse alignment device. The Enpoint product will permit direct and rapid alignment.

Commercial Mobile Broadband

Broadband digital global communication represents one of the most significant current opportunities, certainly as measured by investment interest. In the long-term, satellite-based systems will vie with more conventional approaches, including landline fiber systems, cable networks, digital subscriber loops (DSL), and local multipoint distribution systems (LMDS), among others. Commercial broadband systems will occupy large niche markets within the next 2 to 10 years, and will use the Internet as a metaphor for interaction. The systems will offer communications bandwidth-on-demand at rates over 1000 times faster than standard 56K modems. The move towards higher communication frequencies of nearly 30 GHz on uplink poses significant system development challenges. Enpoint will leverage our military broadband equipment to satisfy commercial needs.


Enpoint has received seed funding from the Department of Defense. We are working closely with our sponsor and other contractors to demonstrate in 2004 a low-cost system for military mobile broadband communications.

Business Plan

Enpoint seeks equity financing to build the enabling technology and to jumpstart business development. Please contact us to gain access to our business plan.