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Industry Partners

Analog Devices, Inc

Enpoint's relationship with Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) provides access to advanced devices, development laboratories, and commercial markets. ADI provides us with advanced MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers to support the development of our low-cost IMU, Pinpoint. We are also collaborating on new generations of software-based GPS receivers. ADI is a supplier to the automotive community, and is interested in selling a motion characterization system designed by Enpoint and built from ADI components. ADI has a keen interest in our development and supports both our short-term and long-term development strategy.


Titan is a leading provider of comprehensive information and communications products, solutions, and services for national security. Serving the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies and other government customers, Titan’s business includes C4ISR, transformational programs, enterprise information technology, and homeland security. Titan is a participant in communications on the move development, and is considering the use of Enpoint technology in Titan products, initially focusing on Titan’s military communications offering.


Meggitt, plc, is an aerospace and defense systems manufacturer with broad product offerings that include an Air Data Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (ADAHRS), flight displays, autopilots and other control systems. Meggitt is considering the use of Enpoint technology in Meggitt products, initially focusing on Meggitt’s commercial aviation offerings.