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Our patent-pending technology enables Attitude Measurement Using a Single GPS Receiver and Two Closely Spaced Antennas. With both US and International patent filings, we will leverage our technology to support sales and marketing. Using US patent number 6,754,584, go to USPTO to learn about our technology.


Enpoint's technology determines three-dimensional attitude of a moving vehicle using signals from two closely spaced Global Positioning System (GPS) antennas. The solution is aided by three rate gyroscopes and three accelerometers rigidly mounted to the vehicle. The system applies signals from a GPS antenna to sufficient channels of a GPS receiver to support navigation. The system applies signals from a second GPS antenna to the remaining receive channels, which are configured to support interferometry. The system optimally selects the navigation and interferometry channels to provide an interferometric heading solution. The system resolves the ambiguity normally associated with the interferometric heading solution by closely spacing the GPS antennas and using interferometry to refine a coarse heading estimate from a GPS plus Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) transfer alignment solution. The system achieves close sub-meter spacing of the two GPS antennas by merging many temporal interferometric measurements that result from the attitude memory provided by the IMU time-history solution.

Industry Partners

We are working with industry partners to accelerate technology development and gain market access. Analog Devices, Titan, and Meggitt are industry leaders with captivating visions of the future.